The Preservation Process



After receiving your bouquet, it is disassembled and placed into silica to preserve. The silica  works by removing all moisture from the flower, while leaving behind a flower that maintains both its shape and color.  Your flowers are left in the silica for several weeks until the flowers are completely dried.




Next, your flowers are removed and treated with a series of professional post-treatment solutions. Because the flowers will be very fragile and brittle, the solutions help by bringing back flexibility and durability to your flowers. 


After the preservation and treatment process is completed, flowers are then rearranged back into bouquets. Please note: before photos are taken of all bouquets to assist with this step. Bouquets will be assembled as close as possible to its original arrangement.



Your bouquet is placed into a display of your choice. Some people like to have mementos placed into their displays. It is required that I have all mementos 30 days after I begin the preservation process. This will prevent delays.



The entire process will take approximately 2-3 months after drop-off.