Placing an Order

Step 1: Complete the online order form. After your submission, I will contact you to  discuss the details of your request.

Step 2: Make your initial deposit by clicking on payment.  Select deposit and follow the steps. Once your deposit is made, your spot is held. You can also make your deposit at the time of drop-off.

Full payment isn't due until 30 days after the bouquet drop-off.

Step 3: Display selection. If you haven't made a decision on your display, this is the time to do it. Display options must be made so that I can proceed with your keepsake. Also, any mementos wanted in your display, must be mailed to me at this time.

Step 4: Full payment is required. I will provide you with an invoice of your final balance. This can be paid online or at the time of pick-up.

Order Form