Frequently Asked Questions

What is floral preservation

Floral preservation is the process of removing moisture from live flowers, while maintaining both its color and shape. Although there are several ways to preserve flowers, silica gel technique is my method, which is a proven technique to last for decades.

How much will it cost to preserve my bouquet?

The cost ranges from $225-$285 for standard bouquets; however, upgrades are available. Your display selection will determine your actual costs. Ornament keepsakes are also available for $50. There is a $100 deposit required before the preservation process begins. All ornament keepsakes are due up front. 9% tax will be charged on all orders.

How soon after my event will I have to drop off my bouquet?

It is important that the preservation process take place as soon as possible. The fresher your bouquet is, the better the preservation process will be and any flaw in your petals will magnify during the preservation process.  I ask that bouquets are delivered to me within two days after the ceremony. If your wedding is in the Birmingham area, I can pick-up the bouquet at your reception and at no additional charge.

How long will the preservation process take?

The process will take anywhere from 2-3 months. After your flowers are preserved and treated, they will then be placed into your selected display.

Will the colors of my flowers change?

During the preservation process, the color of the flower can appear deeper in color and antique. Acrylic color can be applied to assist with this.  If your blooms have began to brown, you will see this after they preserve. To prevent this, it is imperative that the preservation process begin as soon as possible. Please Note: It is also common for flowers to slightly shrink during the preservation process.

Are there some flowers that do not preserve well?

Yes. Although most flowers preserve well with silica, a few do not.  It is best that we speak to discuss your bouquet before the day of your event.

Can mementos be included in my display?

Yes. I can add mementos to your display. Many people include mementos, such as: a wedding invitation, a photo, jewelry, or a hairpiece.

How do I protect my flowers?

After your flowers have completed the preservation process, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Do not place flowers in direct sunlight, extreme heat, humidity, or under table lamps. Dust is also an issue. Flowers are safest in low lighted areas of the room.

How long will my flowers last?

Preserved flowers can last for many years, some believe indefinitely. However, several factors determine the lifespan of a preserved flower: the type of flowers, if they were color treated, exposure to sunlight, humidity, and dust. If your flowers are taken care of, expect them to last for many years. Over a period of time, the color can appear to fade, paint can be applied to enhance their beauty once again.